Opportunity To Make A Difference

Our Place of Hope, a Clubhouse International affiliate program, gives you an opportunity to participate in their vision. The Clubhouse is a proven model that makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals with mental issues in our community. This project will require many individuals investing into Our Place of Hope to grow the vision. The investment in this project is not only an investment in a building but also in well trained and caring staff willing to put in the time and expertise to provide the best place possible for individuals to grow and flourish.

This opportunity does not depend on innovative architects or highly skilled builders. It does not even depend on gifted vision-casters, talented staff, or dedicated volunteers. The vision of the Our Place of Hope will require the private, personal, and thoughtful considerations on the part of many people throughout the area who care deeply about improving the lives of others, especially citizens that are overcoming mental health issues in their communities. Providing meaningful education, workforce development and social experiences will offer hope and help in creating positive outcomes. This will enable many individuals to become contributing members of society and help them return to our community.

Providing a motivating guidance in a person’s life is truly a defining opportunity.

Important figures from Clubhouse International and Our Place of Hope in front of the new building before they officially moved in. From left to right: Randy Redlinger, Sally Bissada-Lassiter, Joel Corcoran, Dr. Debra Bjork, Jack Yatsko, Jeff Becraft, and Kerry Allen.

Implementation of Your Investment

Outcome #1

Giving people living with mental illness the sacred dignity to be able to contribute. This is the missing piece in mental health. But Our Place of Hope fills that gap.

Outcome #2

Meaningful relationships – a sense of community and self-confidence.

Outcome #3

Meaningful work and workforce development. (87% of people living with mental illness are unemployed.) Isolation is the number one problem with mental illness. It takes people and relationships to help pull people back into relationships and community. In Our Place of Hope, people are treated as people – not as a patient, client, or diagnosis. They are members… and everyone are colleagues. In this model, staff work alongside members, not treat members, to accomplish the meaningful work of the Clubhouse. Members are included in ALL meetings and work. There is no dichotomy between administrative work and program – members are engaged in each aspect of the work. Most have been told they can’t work or feel unworthy to work. Our Place of Hope restores their dignity and invites them into the work of the Clubhouse. Each day at the OPOH Clubhouse models a workday. By participating in the Work Order Day, a sense of structure and purpose is restored in members’ lives.

The overall budget for Our Place of Hope for 2024 is $350,000 divided into the following focus areas:

People make the difference! – Program Staff
Isolation is the number one problem with mental illness. It takes people and relationships to help pull people back into relationships and community.

Meaningful work – Work Ordered Day Activities
(Activities, Supplies, Projects, Equipment, Area Staffing, Workforce Development)

Dignified Space (Clubhouse facility and workspace)
Dignity is critical to this model and even in the facility, we create a dignified working area and a space where someone is proud to come and work. (Clubhouse facility, rent, utilities, equipment, workstations, etc.)


Lunch time is more than just a break… it is a meaningful time to work together, to prepare and clean up, and to encourage one another in the process.

Working together to fix a table in the clubhouse.